At Grace Covenant we consider our children disciples of Christ as well! From infants to elementary, we know they are people who need to know, love, and follow Jesus Christ. The larger church family comes alongside parents to help them teach their children about God, share his love for us, and explore his plan for our lives. We offer Sunday school from 9:30-10:30 for children of all ages, and invite our kids to participate in Children's Chapel during the morning worship hour.

For all ages there are fellowship events, Parent's Night Out, picnics, egg hunts, movie nights, service days, VBS and more! Our children's programing is integrated along with every other arm of our ministry as a church family.


We have awesome caregivers who love our kids and are trained in early childcare development. Our kids get awesome care, and an appropriate entry into what God’s love is like

Preschool - Kindergarten:

For our youngest Disciples there is a heavy emphasis on knowing one another, getting in tune with the teachers and their classmates, as well as just starting the process of knowing what God's Love is, and just who is God anyway? "Sparkhouse" activates these little minds with engaging games that teach and play at the same time. God is good! And we take great care in making sure our kids know it!

 Early- Elementary:

 As our students progress into the early elementary age they are ready to engage a little bit more in what the Bible has to offer and our "SparkHouse" Curriculum makes it easy and fun to do together! This year they begin with the stories of the patriarchs and matriarchs of our faith and move with the seasons through the liturgical year.


 In the older age group they are ready for more. The Shorter Catechism and even some of our confessions are blended into the curriculum in order to being sharing our distinct Presbyterian heritage with them. Still, the main focus is on better knowing who Jesus Christ is, and through that, coming to better know God. 


Children's Chapel

Each week our children, ages six and under, are welcomed to a different place of worship that teaches and excites them to what worship is all about. Laying down the basics of the reformed tradition in a way that connects in a fun way with every child.