Family Ministry

Sunday School

9:15 a.m. - Nursery Open for little ones
9:20 a.m. - Coffee (juice) and fellowship for all ages in the Fellowship Hall. We will do some announcements, share any prayer concerns, maybe sing one verse of a hymn -- Generally just hang out and catch up
9:45 a.m. - Sunday School begins for adults and children.


We have awesome caregivers who love our kids and are trained in early childcare development. Our kids get awesome care, and an appropriate entry into what God’s love is like


For our youngest Disciples there is a heavy emphasis on knowing one another, getting in tune with the teachers and their classmates, as well as just starting the process of knowing what God's Love is, and just who is God anyway? "Sparkhouse" activates these little minds with engaging games that teach and play at the same time. God is good! And we take great care in making sure our kids know it!

Early Elementary

As our students progress into the early elementary age they are ready to engage a little bit more in what the Bible has to offer and our "SparkHouse" Curriculum makes it easy and fun to do together! This year they begin with the stories of the patriarchs and matriarchs of our faith and move with the seasons through the liturgical year.

Pilgrim's Prep

Confirmation is a big deal, here at GCPC even more so as we plan to take our Confirmands on an annual trip to Scotland following their confirmation! We spend our first year in preparation, getting to know one another and finding out how God has an awesome purpose and plan for our lives. This year we are using "Outlaws" study work, learning to become better disciples by looking at the original 12 "rebels" who were the first to follow Christ.

Youth Mentorship - This mentoring program has been taking our teenage girls and walking through the little know books of the Bible. Every word that comes from the Mouth of God is precious and awesome, this class is all about getting together and seeing how that Word is present in our life each day.

 Children's Chapel

 Each week our children, ages 6 and under, are welcomed to a different place of worship that teaches and excites them to what worship is all about. Laying down the basics of the reformed tradition in a way that connects in a fun way with every child.

 Worship “Camp”

Periodically we set worship "camps" for our older children. This is an intensive 4 week study that takes place immediately before and during regular Sunday worship. We build notebooks together, talk about what parts of the service connect with us, and study each part of worship so that it makes sense and shows it's incredible meaning to our children. It's an awesome way to help our kids connect with worship.

Family Retreat at Camp Hanover

We will set the date at our first pot luck supper together. Traditionally we have gotten together for a campfire meal and spent the night. It's a short overnight filled with games in the evening, hiking in the morning, campfire stories, songs, and just some amazing fun together as families!

 Family Small Group Suppers

Every month we meet together to eat supper, hang out, and trade stories. The kids love playing together as the adults can catch up. We meet in a rotation of homes around Richmond, and everyone brings a dish to share. 

 Playground Meetup

Each month we pick a Saturday and just meet at the church playground! No fuss, just playtime. Open to all GCPC and CDC parents. 

 Parents Night Out

It's important to get away as parents, and once a month the church tries to bless our families with that opportunity. Cost is $5 per child, with a family max of $15, and it typically runs on the second Saturday of each month from 5:30-8:30 p.m.. Our highly trained and capable CDC staff watch over the kids, while the parents get some time away! The next Parents Night Out will not be until September 10, 2016.

Please RSVP to: or 359-2463 with name and age of child.