Sunday School

Each Sunday morning our community gathers at 9:30am to learn more about God’s word, theology, Church history and practical Christian living. We believe that every class we offer will challenge you and help you grow in your love for Christ and others. Commit now to one of our Sunday seminars--you can’t go wrong!

9:15 a.m. - Nursery Open for little ones
9:20 a.m. - Coffee (juice) and fellowship for all ages in the Fellowship Hall. We will do some announcements, share any prayer concerns, maybe sing one verse of a hymn -- Generally just hang out and catch up

9:45 a.m. - Sunday School begins for adults and children.

Forum of Grace Class

A newly combined class that will be going deeper into the theology and scripture of Exodus. What does it mean to wander as God's people? To look forward to the promise land? The exist and be faithful in exile? A great class to come for lecture and some discussion. Come and join us at 9:45am in Room 212.

Good Books Class

Looking for a good book and conversation about God in our everyday lives? The "Good Book Small Group" will be meeting to engage in precisely those kinds of books and discussions. Our conversations will be framed devotionally through scripture, hymn, and prayer (including prayer for each other) that relates to the book we will be exploring. Join us at 9:45am in Room 303. 

Vanguard Bible Class 

This year the men's class will be looking at each of the fathers in scripture. How did they fare? What was their legacy? How does this inform us how to be men, and fathers in our church family? An exciting study that will continue to shape the men of our church to face each day being who God created us to be.We meet in Room B-4 at 9:45am; join us there! 

Pre- K

For our youngest Disciples there is a heavy emphasis on knowing one another, getting in tune with the teachers and their classmates, as well as just starting the process of knowing what God's Love is, and just who is God anyway?  

Early Elementary

This year they begin with the stories of the patriarchs and matriarchs of our faith and move with the seasons through the liturgical year.

Pilgrims' Prep

Confirmation is a big deal, here at GCPC even more so as we plan to take our Confirmands on an annual trip to Scotland following their confirmation! We spend our first year in preparation, getting to know one another and finding out how God has an awesome purpose and plan for our lives.

Youth Mentors

This mentoring program has been walking through the little know books of the Bible. Every word that comes from the Mouth of God is precious and awesome, this class is all about getting together and seeing how that Word is present in our life each day.


Wednesday Night Programs 

Each Wednesday night from September to May we offer quality programs for your growth and enjoyment. To learn more click here.

For more information about how you can grow as a disciple of Jesus Christ at Grace Covenant, please contact Bobby Hulme-Lippert.