As part of the Presbytery of the James Youth Organization (POJ YO) we are able to offer our students an experience that echos all of the normal expectations of a youth group, while still taking part in the larger church of the Richmond area.

We meet weekly for events and for our mentoring program on Sunday mornings from 9:30-10:30 (All are welcome!)

The junior-high and high-school years are some of the most important years in life. It’s a time of transition in so many ways, and we help them continue to grow as disciples through this time, walking with them as they wade through the complex issues of faith, adolescence, relationships, and more.

In a culture that sometimes downplays the abilities of youth, we expect a lot of them. We encourage them to take their lives and their faith seriously. We urge them to move beyond a child-like faith, to a stage of personal exploration and experience with God and his Word. We help them get a wider vision for involvement in God’s Kingdom work as they spend time serving with local mission organizations.

Sound too serious?!? We also have a lot of fun. We go on trips, we eat junk food (in moderation!), we watch movies and talk about music and dream about college together. We also spend time in our youth room, "The Loft," it's a great place and just right for our students.