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A Sunday Afternoon Worship Service with Our Neighbors, Bobby Hulme Lippert, Christopher Tweel & Chris Martin

Posted on July 30, 2017

A Sunday Afternoon Worship Service with Our Neighbors - The Community Church of God in Christ (CCGC) and Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church (GCPC) are sharing in a service of worship! CCGC has invited GCPC to assist in leading and participating in a service at 3:00 p.m. TODAY in their sanctuary at 1801 Park Ave. This is part of a recent effort that CCGC has undertaken to join in worship with several local congregations during the month of July. All of the offerings given during these services assist in the historic renovation of their property, and most immediately the offerings will assist in the purchase of an AC unit. At this service, Rev. Bobby Hulme-Lippert will be preaching, and Rev. Christopher Tweel will assist in worship leadership alongside Rev. Dr. David Wright (Pastor, CCGC) and V Johnson (Associate Pastor, CCGC). Chris Martin and some of our choir members will be leading in musical worship. We hope to see you there!